VORTIGAN first faced this darkly world in the icy winter of 2001 , created to cover it with pain , mourning and agony as this once was done by their name-giver, a tyrannical king named vortigan . their music is strongly influenced by the traditional DOOM of the 80 – ies , purely , straight - lined , crawling , nevertheless emerges passages of epic – eminent as well as melodic – melancholy . KINGSIZEULTRADOOM is the designation selected by themselfs .
confidently VORTIGAN can be called as the most sluggish band in austria. the special fascination proceeds thereby from the perfect symbiosis between the instrumenting and the majestic, floating and nonetheless strong vocals . once pulled down by the massive guitarwalls the listener will be buried under the mighty bass . awaiting to receive the final mortal blow given by the drums , suddenly singular vocals appear and makes you aware of pain , mourning and agonies in all their wonderful intensity . starting from this time there is no turning back and you are inevitably pulled down deeper and deeper into the darkest abysses of the empire of the KING VORTIGAN .

In accordance with the wishes of the king , STAY SLOW AND HEAVY.


stefan – vocals
wickie – guitars
slayer – guitars
klaus – bass
diofi – drums